The apartment

Some people say that Hof van Lemmens is the most beautiful house in Sint-Amands, and with its large front garden and wrought-iron gates it is certainly eye-catching. The entrance to Amand’eau itself is on the far left, by a little old shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary. A path leads you round the house.

Through double glass doors you enter the living room. The open kitchen has everything you need to prepare your own breakfast, lunch or dinner. Between the old display case and the huge white wall cupboard (without doubt the most unusual fuse box in the country) you will find a spacious seating area. Through the second glass door you have a view on to the front garden. An antique hall lantern is suspended from the ceiling and morning light floods in through the stained-glass window.

A cast-iron spiral staircase takes you up to the mezzanine with its matching balustrade. Here you will sleep in a king-size bed under a photograph showing the sun setting on the most beautiful bend of the river Scheldt. In winter you can see the tower of St. Amand’s Church from your bed. The rain shower is partly behind a mirror wall and there is a separate cabinet for the toilet. From the washbasin you look out over the garden.

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